Portland, Oregon - January 30-31, 2007

Co-evolution Picnic - Wednesday, 7:00pm

The agile revolution has been enabled by tools. Methodologists will grant this while they distance themselves from any particular toolset. Likewise toolsmiths are reticent to align too closely with agile methodology for fear of dividing their market too. This failure to embrace the obvious has slowed the growth of both fields.

Join us for an evening of suspended realities where we collectively imagine the tools and methods of our dreams. Ward Cunningham of the Eclipse Foundation will launch this progressive conversation using the participatory panel format called a Goldfish Bowl. This capstone event complements the distributed open space format while still engaging all attendees in a forward looking cooperation.

Biology calls the advance of intertwined species "co-evolution." We've chosen to call this event the "Co-evolution Picnic" because we're imagining for an evening that this evolution will be easy. Keeping with the picnic theme, there will be food.

In keeping with the theme, this event is co-hosted by Agile Open Northwest and the Eclipse Foundation.