Agile Open Northwest

March 28-30, 2022

Agile Open Northwest, a non-profit alliance of agile practitioners in the US Pacific Northwest region, presents our 16th annual Open Space conference about agile practices and techniques! It will be held March 28-30, 2022 (4 hours each day). We are dedicated to a low-cost conference, and are pleased to hold the rate to only $60 (plus TicketTailor fees) for the 3-day event.

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This will be a virtual Open Space event, held over the course of 3 days, lasting from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm each day. Over the last year there’s been a great blossoming of tools and techniques for online events. We are excited to bring together the best of the best to make this an inclusive, engaging, and valuable event for all our old friends, and for those new to AONW.

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More about the 2022 Conference, held in March:

Due to attendee demand, this year’s conference is a full three days long!


It’s all virtual this year!


March 28-30, 2022 (4 hours each day).


YOU and other experienced, collaborative, committed agile practitioners. Registration will be limited, so watch this space or join our email interest list to be notified when registration opens.


The registration fee is $60 (plus TicketTailor fees) for the three-day virtual event.


Registration is now open using the button at the top of this page! In order to keep the conference small, space will be limited to 250 attendees. Contact us at to get added to our email list for a reminder.


After registering, check your email - instructions will be sent to the same email address you used to register. Look for the subject line “Participation Instructions for Agile Open Northwest 2022” from

If you don’t find that message, go to our event page, click RSVP, then create an account using the email address you registered with.

If you’re still having trouble, reach us on our event Slack in the #tech-support channel, or send us a message at


  • Update your Qiqo profile with a picture, location, and connection details if you desire.
  • Tour the space and snoop around !
  • Watch this two-minute video demonstrating how to use QiqoChat and Zoom together.
  • Update your Zoom application.
  • Join our Slack. This is optional, but if you’re comfortable in Slack, it can be a great additional way to connect with other participants.


Yes you can! Agile Open Northwest depends on sponsorship support to keep registration costs affordable. See our Sponsors section, or contact us at for more information.

Conference Schedule

Below is the provisional schedule for the 2022 conference. All sessions will be virtual, and will occur over the course of 4 hours on each of the 3 days. Check your email (the one you registered with) for information on how to join the virtual conference.


8:00 am Speed Networking, Lean Coffee (Spatial Chat)
9:00 am Opening Circle
9:15 am Grounding, Purpose, Building Agenda
10:30 am Sessions
12:30 pm Afternoon News
1:00 pm Social (Spatial Chat)


8:00 am Speed Networking, Early Bird Sessions, Lean Coffee (Spatial Chat)
9:00 am Opening Circle
10:00 am Sessions
12:30 pm Afternoon News
1:00 pm Social (Spatial Chat)


8:00 am Speed Networking, Early Bird Sessions, Lean Coffee (Spatial Chat)
9:00 am Opening Circle
10:00 am Sessions
12:15 pm Closing Circle
1:00 pm Social (Spatial Chat)

Session Notes

You can view session notes at session notes.


Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile software development as outlined in the Agile Manifesto. With nearly 47,000 members and subscribers around the globe, Agile Alliance is driven by the principles of Agile methodologies and the value delivered to developers, organizations and end users. Agile Alliance organizes and supports events to bring the Agile community together on a global scale.

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AONW 2022 is brought to you by our conference chairs, Open Space faciliator, and the Agile Open Northwest Board of Directors

AONW 2022 Conference Co-Chairs

Alex Bernardin (he/him)

Alex is an Agilist who gets his kicks devising ‘just enough’ process solutions, and coaching/mentoring teams to be high performing and self-organizing.

He’s been working with web development in one way or another since 1996, and is honored to be helping bring together AONW for the second time.

Kelly Austin, Ph.D.

Kelly loves agile, in part because manifestos are among the most interesting and peculiar of genres and in part because humans are both the hardest and the easiest to understand.

She treats the process of humans making things with wonder and care and curiosity and rigor—whether they’re making poetry or software.

Open Space helps her practice keeping her heart and eyes and mind wide open.

AONW 2022 Open Space Facilitator

Ashanti Gardner

AONW Board of Directors

Aki Namioka

Aki has been an Agile practitioner since 2002 and a Certified Scrum Master since 2010. She specializes in Agile coaching, and has helped several organizations transform into high-functioning Agile teams, using XP, Scrum, and Kanban. Aki’s background includes Boeing, IBM Global Services, and Cisco Systems. Aki enjoys learning from others in the Agile community, and is active in BeyondAgile and Agile Open Northwest.

April Jefferson

April leads with empathy and courage while partnering with others to help unlock their full potential. She believes the path to authentic growth and change begins with invitation and a people-centered approach. She favors a blended mindset of agile, lean, design thinking, open space, and improvisation when engaging. April values connecting people to ownership of their needs and goals. You may find April coaching organizations, speaking at conferences, facilitating social change as a Design Action Lab partner, or mentoring youth.

Ian Savage

A quality evangelist, Ian Savage is a veteran software developer, quality engineer, and manager with experience in manufacturing, financial services, construction project estimating, and software security. For more than thirty years, he has worked to improve productivity and software quality through rigorous development methods and processes and now through the pragmatic application of agile methods.

He founded/co-founded various Pacific Northwest software and quality volunteer organizations. By day he works with the Quality Initiatives Team at McAfee focusing on metrics, static analysis, and quality systems. His present interests are software security, insourcing vs. outsourcing, and quality training. Like many others, Ian looks forward to retirement or Career 2.0.

Michaela Hutfles

Michaela Hutfles is a sideways E-shaped person (rather than T) with three major depths: agile software development, earth-building and performing arts of all flavors. For a salary, they coach agile thinking and self-management to software developers and keep teams focused on continuous improvement, growth mindset, and general meta-cognition. At the moment they do this at Qumulo. They’re building a tiny house on the Olympic Peninsula using clay, straw, and sand. They dream of someday starting a tiny arts foundation called Dionysus Giving. Because it amuses them, Michaela often claims to raise champion naked mole rats.

Nora Beyerle

I journeyed into technology via a music education. Working in the software industry since 2000, I’ve explored responsibilities of business analysis, project management, and people management. It was the agile values and principles that resonated strongest with me, and I have since focused on coaching agile development teams and championing individuals. I appreciate all the learning opportunities within our agile community of practice! I enjoy volunteering at AgilePDX, and now joining Agile Open Northwest. Additionally I am looking forward to further collaborate with Future of Work communities. I believe that people can change the world, and that we can achieve this by being curious, open, and kind.

I hesitantly tweet at @sunhiltb.

Troy Frever

Troy Frever discovered XP in 2000, after two decades as a professional software developer. Since then he has been an Extreme Programmer and Coach for a number of companies in the Seattle area, including Smilebox, Aviarc, RealNetworks, and more. He was recenlty co-founder and CTO of Blok24, and is currently having a grand time as VP of Engineering at LiquidPlanner. When he’s not writing unit tests or refactoring mercilessly, Troy enjoys backpacking and skiing with his family and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Troy is also a former organizer of the Seattle Extreme Programming Users Group (SXPUG) and a co-founder of Seattle’s Beyond Agile user group.


To Be Announced