Who can create an Open Space session?

Anyone attending Agile Open Northwest may create a session.

What topics are suitable for an Open Space session?

Any topic related to our conference theme is appropriate. Sessions may be on technical or non-technical subjects, but should relate to working with agile methods in the real world.

Do I have to be an expert in the topic to host a session?

No, session conveners only need to have the level of expertise needed to conduct the session. If you intend to teach other people about something, we hope you actually know something about it. But you may choose to conduct your session as a discussion among peers or even organize a session around a topic that you know little about but would like to understand better. Be sure to explain how you intend to conduct the session when you invite people to attend it.

Can I add a session after the Opening?

Yes, just speak to one of the hosts. We will have announcements of new sessions and changes at the start of each day and during lunch.

Will there be a record of sessions?

We publish simultaneously with the conference an online record of what sessions were held, who participated and what happened in them. The level of detail of this summary is up to the session hosts; at the conference, instructions and assistance will be available so that you can enter session information while it is fresh.

How do you set the registration price each year?

We try to keep the cost of registration as low as we can, so that attendees can pay their own way if they must. Prices for suitable venues and food change every year, and have risen in recent years. We’re grateful that our sponsors help keep registration prices low.

Why doesn’t AONW offer refunds?

In recent years, AONW has sold out, often well in advance of the event. We emphasize our no-refunds policy because each year, we receive multiple requests for refunds from registrants who maintain they didn’t know we have such a policy. Why do we have the policy? We’re a non-profit with limited financial resources, and we have to pay over $65,000 in fixed and non-refundable expenses, mostly well in advance of when the event occurs. Without the money our early registrants provide, AONW would be impossible. The requests for refunds tend to come in the last few weeks before the event, after we’ve already booked caterers and don’t have an ability to adjust…and most those on the waiting list are no longer able to change their plans to attend in the place of someone seeking a refund. All this means that we won’t be able to offer a refund or a transfer to another event. You can substitute a different attendee at any time up to the start of the event. See “How do I substitute a different attendee?” AONW has for years now had a no-refunds policy. The policy is presented in Eventbrite during the purchase stream, in the email purchase confirmation, and on the electronic or paper registration itself. Having said that, nearly no one notices the policy. We wish we could figure out how to make this even clearer, so we’ve added notices of the policy even more places, and created this FAQ answer.

How do I substitute a different attendee on my registration?

For help with this, please contact AONW Registration registration@AgileOpenNorthwest.org.